The Our Father

Unlike in the Novus Ordo, the celebrant in the Extraordinary Form prays most of the Our Father (or “Pater Noster”) by himself. The congregation and other ministers join only the last line: “sed libera nos a malo.”* The Our Father follows the conclusion of the Canon, which is said silently. The priest announces the end of … More The Our Father

Mass Booklets

While a good hand missal can be a companion at Mass for decades and provides a wealth of material, not everyone may be ready to make the investment required to obtain one. To get just the ordinary of the Mass in hard copy without resorting to printing a website, there are always the simply paperback … More Mass Booklets

How to Serve

With the Extraordinary Form being celebrated every week, the Church of the Assumption will need more E.F.-trained altar boys. One resource that comes well recommended for this task is How to Serve: In Simple, Solemn and Pontifical Functions. Originally written in 1934 and covering both the various server roles and those of deacon and sub-deacon, … More How to Serve

FSSP Tutorial

The FSSP produced these videos to help train priests to say the traditional Mass. Unlike the videos of the full Mass, these are accompanied by commentary.