Layman’s Missal

The Layman’s Missal is a modified reprint of a 1961 Burns & Oates English missal. It is, however, the proper 1962 edition, without, e.g., the second confiteor.

This is one of the smallest and most affordable missals available in print. Unlike the Baronius and Angelus Press missals, it is only a “Sunday Missal,” however: that is, it lacks the full panoply of feast days and votive Masses found in the “daily” missals. Also, to save space, it omits many of the supplemental prayers and catechetical materials found in the other missals. But it contains everything necessary to follow the Mass of any Sunday and the principal solemnities that may be transferred to Sunday.

The Good Friday prayer for the Jews appearing in the Layman’s Missal reflects Pope Benedict XVI’s 2008 revision.

The missal can be purchased on Amazon here.

The New Liturgical Movement ran a useful review here.

Fr. Zuhlsdorf reviewed the missal here.

The missal is available in hard copy and as an ebook via the publisher.

This is a very handy missal; much sparser than the Baronius and Angelus Press missals, it is also lighter, easier to hold, and eminently usable. It does not try to do much beyond be a Sunday missal, and it does that job quite well.


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