The Baronius Missal

The 1962 Missal published by the English printer Baronius Press is the only newly published E.F. missal to bear an imprimatur.

The missal is available through Amazon (primarily via third-party merchants) here.

Baronius also published the missal with a burgundy and a white cover, but these editions appear to be out of print and available only at a significant markup on Amazon. New old stock copies in these colors may remain available from various internet book vendors.

Baronius also sells directly to the public through its own website.

Fr. John Zuhlsdorf produced an excellent review of the missal soon after its release.

A more recent review from the gentlemen at Whiskey Catholic appeared here.

I have used this missal myself since 2007. The Latin text is a bit small, and the index has everything you never want to look up, but it’s a fantastic missal, well worth the investment.


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