Treasure and Tradition

One of the more accessible guides to the Extraordinary Form is the recently published book Treasure and Tradition, by Lisa Bergman and St. Augustine Academy Press. The New Liturgical Movement did an excellent review of the work here.

The author, Mrs. Bergman, put this exceptionally beautiful book together in between homeschooling her six children. It’s quite the accomplishment, even without that context.

As the NLM review notes, the book not only goes through the Mass itself in detail, describing the liturgical action and comparing it to the Levitical sacrifice that preceded it, but it also presents other historical and catechetical material. It also contains the briefest of editorializing on extraneous points (a few sentences on one page about veiling and an opinion on the best length for sleeves, topics that have nothing to do, per se, with the old Mass). But these are not really objectionable and are brief enough—and the book as a whole so superb—that they do not detract from the overall worth of the tome.

I would certainly recommend the book for anyone looking to learn more about the Extraordinary Form. The price from the publisher is $23.75 (and it doesn’t appear to be available via Amazon), but they offer 40% for an order of twenty-four copies (i.e., $14.25 each). If you would be interested in ordering a copy at the bulk rate, leave a comment or send an e-mail; perhaps we can get to twenty-four copies.

I should add that Mrs. Bergman very generously allowed us to print and distribute a very helpful portion of this book free of charge in connection with the educational efforts directed at the implementation of the Extraordinary Form at Assumption. Numerous and extensive thanks to Mrs. Bergman for that.


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