TAN Books Saints Calendar & Daily Planner

A great tool for those wanting to keep up with the Extraordinary and Ordinary Form calendars is TAN Books’ spiral-bound desktop Saints Calendar & Daily Planner. These are great little desk calendars; each week has a picture and short biography of a saint whose feast falls during the week. Days of penance are marked (the extent and obligatory character of the day’s penitential character are noted), and each day lists the liturgical observances from both the Ordinary and Extraordinary Form calendars (as well as many saints who appear in the martyrology but not on either the universal calendar). It does not replace an ordo, because it doesn’t tell you which feast or commemoration controls, but that’s not an issue unless you’re praying the office or saying Mass.

There is also an index of patron saints and feast days, and a few tidbits like a list of the fourteen holy helpers.

TAN has been publishing these since 2012; I’ve had each one and highly recommend them. You can see the inside layout at this review from a few years back. (TAN also publishes a both-calendars wall calendar, which I have never seen in person.)


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