The New Marian Missal

In addition to the Baronius, Layman’s, and Angelus Press editions, there are a few other daily missals still available for purchase new. One of these is Fr. Sylvester Juergens’ New Marian Missal. The edition seen here, and available for purchase new, is a reprint from 1958. It will serve well for Sundays and most major feasts: only the second confiteor and St. Joseph’s absence from the canon will set it apart in that regard. A few saints days were moved in 1960, however.

This missal is available on Amazon. It’s also available from, e.g., Fraternity Publishing and The Leaflet Missal Company.

At $45 (or $39.95 plus shipping from the FSSP or Leaflet), the New Marian Missal is more expensive than the Burns & Oates Layman’s, but less than the Baronius and Angelus Press missals.

Unlike the Baronius and Angelus Press editions, this missal does not have both the Latin and English for every part of the Mass: it omits the Latin for the Collect, Epistle, Gospel, Secret, and Postcommunion. It also only has two ribbons: this is really the bare minimum for fluid use during Mass and will leave the reader without a bookmark for the section of prayers for Holy Communion and the daily propers. One review describes the typesetting as “relatively accurate,” which is not high praise. Its collection of prayers and devotions is reportedly excellent, however.*

There appear to have been subsequent editions published in 1961 and 1963 and still available on the secondary market. Here is the 1961 on Amazon. And here is the 1963, also on Amazon. The 1963, of course, would be fully up to date, but buying a used book off the internet, especially one meant to be handled every week, involves a roll of the dice.


* Caveat: the review summary here is second-hand and gleaned from the internet; I’ve never seen this book in person.


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