Mass Booklets

While a good hand missal can be a companion at Mass for decades and provides a wealth of material, not everyone may be ready to make the investment required to obtain one. To get just the ordinary of the Mass in hard copy without resorting to printing a website, there are always the simply paperback missalettes. These are not disposable, per se, but their simple construction and low price qualify them as expendable over a lifespan of perhaps a few years.

The flagship paperback missalette for the Extraordinary Form is the small “red book” produced for many years by the Coalition in Support of Ecclesia Dei and found (it seems) in almost every church in the English-speaking world offering the Usus Antiquior. It provides just the Ordinary and the preface for Trinity Sunday: congregants will have to rely on a separately printed copy of the Propers. It contains pointers on when to sit, kneel, and stand, but these can be somewhat confusing, as they rely upon distinctions between high and low Mass and were written based on an informal survey by the original editor.* That being said, it is far and away the most readily available such book.

It can be purchased for $7 directly from the Coalition in Support of Ecclesia Dei (plus the cost of a stamp; they don’t have an online order form). There are also buying options on Amazon. It’s also available via many Catholic online retailers, including Aquinas & More ($6 plus shipping) and Fraternity Publications (presently on sale for $4.95 plus shipping).

The second example in this category is Angelus Press’s Sunday Missal Booklet. It’s the same basic setup: the ordinary and a few prayers, but no propers. Fr. Zuhlsdorf gave a brief review with some shots of the interior here. It’s available from Amazon for $5, or directly from Angelus Press for $3.95 plus shipping.


* See Richard Friend, Understanding When to Sit, Kneel and Stand at a Traditional Latin Mass: A Short Essay on Mass Postures 13, available at


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