How to Read the Day’s Readings Ahead of Time

Many people, especially people with small children, like to have the readings for Mass available ahead of time to review before, or on the way to, Mass. How best to do this for the Extraordinary Form?

One way would be to get a standard hand missal. The most affordable up-to-date missals available to purchase new are $_57the Layman’s Missal and the St. Edmund Campion Missal & Hymnal. However, if one just wants the Sunday readings, one can resort to the secondary market with much greater ease (since differences in confiteors and such things don’t matter). One option would be to find an old “Continuous Missal”: these printed most of the Mass for each Sunday straight through, in English only. There is one from 1957 available on Amazon for around $9.00. You $_57 (1) can also find them easily on ebay. (Caveat: those printed before 1955 will be right for everything except the Triduum; the readings for some of the Holy Week services were changed in that year.)

Another option would be to consult an internet source, either on a smart phone or via printout. A good option for a smartphone would be the Laudate app (iphone), or another app containing the Mass of the day. To print the readings, any of the sites linked on the Propers Resources page would do, depending on one’s preferences and how the formatting on each site plays with one’s own printer.


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