Mass Intentions

As you, good reader, may know, many American priests spend time after ordination pursuing post-graduate degrees or certifications at seminaries or universities, often in Rome. A diocese must have priests equipped with this sort of education so that it (and the seminaries that it supports and relies upon) can remain staffed with  canonists, theologians, and other experts. Your humble scribe knows that several of the priests currently pursuing such studies from the Diocese of Nashville know and regularly say Holy Mass using the 1962 Missale.

Some years ago, in a post I can no longer locate, Fr. John Zuhlsdorf noted that priests who are away from their dioceses pursuing advanced studies (a) generally have very few Mass intentions and (b) concomitantly, do not have the opportunity to receive stipends for saying Masses, etc.

If you would like to look into having Masses offered by one of these student priests, use the contact e-mail found in the margin to write, and I will endeavor to put you in touch with one of them.

If you would like to have a Mass said at the Church of the Assumption, please contact the parish via one of the methods listed on the parish website, which is linked on the sidebar.

Disclaimer: Neither I, nor anyone associated with the Church of the Assumption (of which this blog and its author are not, of course, authorized agents) is acting in this regard as any agent of, or at the direction or request of, any other person, including any priest who may be available to say Mass for your intentions. I do not have any information concerning the applicability of diocesan norms concerning stipends for priests stationed beyond its boundaries. I do not, and will not, receive, transmit, or otherwise handle stipends. I cannot accept a Mass intention on behalf of any priest. This post is for informational purposes only, and any interaction between the author and any other person concerning its subject will be purely informational.

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