Jesus, Make Me Worthy

Robert power, CM (1960) 978-1892331557 (Angelus Press, flexible cover, 2007) Available on Paraphrases the ordinary (somewhat less fulsomely than the Marian Children’s Missal); contains high-quality color illustrations, numerous prayers and devotions, and a catechism section. Contains no text of synopses for readings.

Marian Children’s Missal

Mary Theola (1958) 156 pages 978-1892331540 (Angelus Press, flexible cover, 2007) Available on Contains color photos of the Mass and summaries of the ordinary (rather than distinct, related devotions). Paraphrases the gospel for Sundays and feasts, with accompanying color illustrations. Congregational responses are set out in a separate section in the back.

Children’s Missal

Hugo Hoever, S.O. Cist. (1959) 140 pages 978-1930873179 (TAN Books, hardcover, 2013) – available on Also sold under the title St. Joseph’s Children’s Missal (Neumann Press, prior to 2009); once published with a white and black covers, the white cover is out of print. Full color illustrations, explanatory diagrams, devotions, paraphrases of the gospel … More Children’s Missal

My See and Pray Missal

M. Joan Therese (1961) 41 pages 9780895556011 (TAN Books paperback, 1997) Available on Perhaps the simplest of children’s missals, with simple two-tone illustrations and the briefest of summaries. Available for $3.00 and under.

Learning to Follow the Mass

Lisa Bergman 978-1936639199 (St. Augustine Press, paperback, 2009) Available on Large format, rather than conventional hand-missal size. Contains numerous color illustrations, drawing heavily on sacred art. Contains the ordinary and commentary. Presents English translations word by word, rather than in facing column or page: this may facilitate learning the meaning of the respective Latin … More Learning to Follow the Mass

Manners in God’s House

Three books (Let’s Pray: First Prayers for Little Catholics, Good Manners in God’s House; and Francis Turmezei, My Little Missal, each 1950) in one volume. 978-0911845198 (TAN Books, hardcover, 2013) – available on Amazon here. 1930845194 (Neumann Press, hardcover, 2007, out of print) The missal section provides a very basic descriptive summary of the Mass … More Manners in God’s House